How to deal with devastation after the wedding

Couples arranging a real holiday from the wedding are invested in preparation a lot of effort. They are waiting for this day, and when it finally comes – and passes – the newlyweds often feel devastated. How to prepare so that the beginning of family life is as joyful and bright as the wedding itself?

Now I am organizing a wedding for a best friend. Only 30 days separate us from the main event. In a month, she will go along the red carpet to the altar in a charming church. My friend is looking forward to the moment when he can breathe in the sweet aroma of beautiful flowers and enjoy the beauty of all carefully selected elements.

To organize a wedding for 140 guests in three months, a huge involvement is required. You need to go to meetings and tastings, resolve issues of design and logistics, constantly call up and correspond with everyone. My friend is just a star. She manages to allocate time for the necessary meetings and solve all urgent issues. I see that her daily life is filled with wedding planning to the edges. This is what caused my concern.

What will she do when in an instant all this responsibility falls from her shoulders? I know that a friend will be bored in a pre -wedding bustle. I am worried that she will experience great devastation. She recently asked me if she could leave for a short outbound training after a wedding. She was afraid that this was not quite a successful time, and wanted to see my reaction. I replied: most likely, this is the best time.

Then I honestly told her about the devastation after the wedding. Some people rejoice at the calmness that came after an important day. But most are lacking activity related to planning a unique, important and fascinating event for friends and relatives.

For my best friend, I made a list of seven points that will help her with pleasure relax after the wedding, instead of suffering and dreaming of returning that day. Today I will share it with you. So, in order not to feel the void after the day of marriage, use the following resources:

1. Honeymoon or mini-travel. If travel is fingering the flame in your heart, be sure to plan adventures immediately after the wedding. If you are squeezing time or finances, choose a closer and budget option-the mini-travel is also suitable. A trip is a great way to have fun and recover after the wedding. You will immediately receive new vivid impressions that you will remember for many and many years. If you can’t break out of the house at all, plan a trip to the native city. Develop a rich cultural program so as not to get bored. You can enjoy her only together or invite friends with you.

2. Reading book list. Make a list of books in advance that you can’t wait to read or study. Choose the most interesting topics that you had not enough time before. When the wedding day is left behind, you will be ready to plunge into new spheres of knowledge. My personal favorites are books on business and lifestyle, but fiction is also suitable. If nothing comes to your mind, ask for recommendations from friends.

3. Meetings with friends. Tell your friends that after the wedding you will have more free time, and you would like to meet with them more often. Plan weekly meetings for a cup of coffee, Friday gatherings in the bar and yoga classes Sunday morning. Such meetings will benefit you and your friends.

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